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Personal Care Bases

Below is a list of Personal Care Bases we generally hold in stock

Inovia is pleased to introduce the iBase range of cosmetic and personal bases which are a range of off the shelf pre-formulated bases.

iBase range of products are a range of cosmetic and personal care bases which are designed to be the building blocks for your products.

The product range consists of a number of product categories, including; lotion, cream, butter, hair and body wash, other wash products, conditioners, serums, men’s range, clay mask and various other specialised products.

Each product category is divided into categories; classic, enhanced, natural and Certified Organic. Please see the key below and the product matrix on the following pages.

The iBase products are offered without; a Fragrance or essential oil blend, proven active, extract or exfoliant. They are neutral bases, which can also be a finished product in their own right or used as a building block to develop your finished product. (see iBase+)

The iBase+ range provides the opportunity to customise the iBase product with either a natural or synthetic fragrance, essential oils, proven and substantiated actives, extracts and exfoliants as desired. Please refer to pages 4 - 5 and 22.

The detailed product range is outlined in the iBase booklet. Please click on the image below to view it.

Click below to view our iBase range matrix.

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