Inovia - Functional Ingredients

index Inovia International manufactures customised botanical products for the toiletries, cosmetics and personal care markets. We provide a wide range of services including product sourcing, manufacture, brand support, marketing and packaging. Our customers are based worldwide and range from large multinational companies to small craft cooperatives.

Consumers are turning to natural and organic cosmetics because of the functionality of natural ingredients. Inovia is at the forefront of this fast growing market offering bespoke botanical extracts and an extensive range of other natural products direct from our manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

In addition to supplying the raw materials we work closely with clients over the entire product cycle from initial development and sampling through to volume manufacturing and production drawing on our extensive experience in the cosmetic industry.


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We offer organic oils and bespoke botanical extracts produced in our organically certified site.More…


We offer a full range of services from supply of bulk materials to manufacture of finished products.More…